Barrons - 501 English Verbs

Author: Thomas R. Beyer, Jr., Ph.D.
Publisher: Barrons
File size: 5.3 MB
File type: exe

This is the newest title extensive 501 Verbs series, this book will prove especially valuable to ESL students and those preparing to take the TOEFL exam. It also serves as an excellent summary of verb forms for use in any English grammar course. Each verb is presented alphabetically, one verb per page, with the page head showing the verb in its infinitive form. The verb's principal parts are then given in active and passive voices above a table format in which the verb is listed, in its first-, second-, and third-person singular and plural forms in all tenses. The book's supplementary sections cover general rules of grammar and usage, an extensive list with examples of phrasal verbs, and another 500 "problem" verbs with their principal parts. 501 Verb titles in nine other languages with English translations.

The easy-to-use reference book will give you:
# The 501 most common English verbs, alphabetically arranged, and conjugated in all tenses and moods
# Principal parts listed for all 501 verbs
# Auxiliary verbs--have, be, do--and their uses
# Common examples of phrasal verbs
# 550 problem verbs and their principal parts
# 501 Verb Drills and Exercises
System requirements: Windows
# Pentium II or higher recommeded
# Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP
# 64 MB of installed RMA, 128 MB recommended
# CD-ROM drive
# 1024 X 768 color dispaly
# Power Macintosh Power PC processor (G3 or higher recommended)
# Mac OS X 10.2 - 10.4 64 MB of installed RAM,
# 128 MB recommended
# CD-ROM drive
# 1024 X 768 color display


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