Shakespeare's Hamlet (2008)

Author: Adam Sexton and Tintin Pantoja
Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.
File size: 20.6 MB
File type: pdf

A new way for readers to appreciate one of Shakespeare's most-quoted plays
Adapted for the cinema many times and performed regularly on stages around the globe, Hamlet is Shakespeare's most enduringly popular play, with sales regularly topping 50,000 copies a year. This manga edition retells the story of Hamlet using one of today's hottest book formats, making the play's action and meaning more accessible and enjoyable than ever.
The sudden death of the king, later revealed to be murder. The queen's all-too-sudden remarriage to the king's brother, the murderer. The grieving, suspicious Prince Hamlet. Supernatural visitations. Deception, manipulation, and soul-searching deliberation. Plots, leaks, and counterplots. Poisoned wine. A rigged sword fight. Revenge.
In this fast-paced manga edition, you're instantly caught up in the conflicts and passions that make this one of Shakespeare's most beloved tragedies.


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