Japan (Modern World Nations)

Author: Charles F. Gritzner, Douglas A. Phillips, Kristi L. Desaulniers
File size: 4.7
File type: pdf - 150 pages

It is one of the most amazing countries in the world. The Japanese call it Nippon or Nihon, meaning the source of the Sun. Others call it the Land of the Rising Sun.We call it Japan. This small nation of scattered islands off the eastern coast of mainland Asia is often called the “Miracle of the Orient.” It has risen from obscurity and self-imposed isolation to a position as a global economic giant in little more than a century. Yet considering the country’s physical geography, its history, and its huge population,Japan should have been a huge failure. Japan had to overcome many seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve its present-day place among major world nations. The Japanese peoples’ spirit, determination, work ethic, and knowledge have been their primary tools in achieving this “miracle.”
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