Listening & speaking skills 2 for the revised CPE

Author: Virginia Evans, Sally Scott
Publisher: Express Publishing
File size: 72MB & 84MB
File type: mp3/rar

The Book provides systematic development of students´ listening and speaking skills to meet the requirements of the revised Cambridge Proficiency exam or any other examinations at the same level.

The book is divided into two parts:

Part A consists of five complete listening tests. The recordings are based on authentic listening material and contain a variety of accents and sound effects.

Part B consists of five speaking tests and covers a wide variety of topics such as the media, the environment, unemployment, etc. Each speaking test is preceded by a speaking practice section. In this section students are familiarised with the essential language and ideas necessary for the test itself. Students are also trained to organise their speech coherently and to display a wide variety of linguistic resources. Both the speaking practice sections and the speaking tests include peer assessment tasks in order to prepare students for Part 3 of the speaking exam.

Teacher´s Book contains all the material in the Student´s Book with the overprinted answers, as well as tapescripts of all the Listening sections in the Student´s Book and suggested answers for the Speaking Tests.


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