NTC's Pocket Dictionary of Words and Phrases

Author: Spears R.A. (ed.)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
File size: 6 MB
File type: pdf (OCR) -> RAR+3%

NTC's Pocket Dictionary of Words and Phrases is for persons who are seeking to improve their ability to speak, read, write, and understand American English, tt is a small, portable dictionary that will help learners with spelling, pronunciation, parts of speech, meaning, irregular forms, and the appropriate use of 12,000 common words and phrases.
This dictionary defines words using the smallest possible vocabulary, but when it is necessary, additional words are used to define difficult concepts, tn many cases, more than one definition is given, so the learner has additional help in figuring out the meaning of a word or expression.
Phrases are entered in the dictionary in their normal alphabetical positions. Phrases are also indexed within the dictionary by means of cross-references. A cross-reference to each phrase is found at the entry of each non-initial, major word in the phrase.


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