Tactics for TOEIC® Listening and Reading Tests

Author: Grant Trew
Publisher: Oxford University Press
File type: PDF, WMA, OGG

Developed for the new TOEIC® Listening and Reading Tests. Content is authorized by ETS and contains official TOEIC test items.

This Pack has A range of practical Test tips, language building activities, and Tactics reinforced with immediate practice to help students succeed in the test, Two complete practice tests with explanatory key and tapescripts, listenings feature a range of speakers to familiarize students with the accents heard on the new TOEIC test, Mini-tests to review and reinforce test tactics and vocabulary from the units, word list and accompanying vocabulary review quizzes.


Click here to download the book from Rapidshare

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Click here to download PRACTICE TEST 1 from Rapidshare

Click here to download PRACTICE TEST 2 from Rapidshare


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This is really a great resource for people who want to take the exam.
But the link of 1st practice does not work......

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hi any chances to get audio?

giusto said...

Thank you very much~~~
It's really useful resource!

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There is a new cool app on AppStore to practice TOEIC test, basic functions are free:

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I clicked the connection of practice test,but it doesn't work(error).
Could you please upload the files once again or send it to my email?
Thanks in advance.

Gap Walls said...

I can not download the book neither the audios, can you please repost the material please???

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