Master TOEFL Junior BASIC LISTENING: Ideal for low-level listening practice

What are TOEFL Junior tests? 

Master Toefl Junior Basic Listening - Book cover

From ETS article about the TOEFL Junior Tests, it can be understood the easy way that TOEFL Junior tests are for ideally students over 11 years of age. Basically, these tests are valid tests and will still assess the students' language abilities, but the focus is to provide insights into areas these need to improve or pay more attention to. We'd like to use them as diagnostic tests aiming to identify strengths and weaknesses. 

What is this book about? 

This book provides sufficient practice for the listening part, at basic level (as you can see from the cover, it's A2). The book is structured in the following order (as you will see in the picture below as well):

  1. Introduction to the test 
  2. Overview of the listening part 
  3. Diagnostic test 
  4. Different question types 
  5. Actual test 
  6. Scripts and answer key 
Master Toefl Junior Basic Listening -content page

How to download: click here to download book & audio (Mediafire) 

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