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The book in this post is about reading. It addresses all the common question types in the reading section of the IELTS test. 

STRENGTHSIt provides step-by-step guides, and strategies on how to tackle them in the most effective way. BEST OF ALL, it contains a list of synonyms categorized alphabetically. The words have actually appeared in the exam. A example page is as follows. 
So how to use this synonym list? Imagine you do the reading section, and there is one question that contains the word "abnormal".  Normally, the IELTS test does not use the same words for questions and sentences in the passage. So you may not easily find "abnormal" anywhere to answer the question. The solution now is turn to this page and look up "abnormal", then you'll see "unusual". There is some likelihood that you'll find "unusual" in the passage. 

Making use of this list can help enrich your vocabulary. Not even that, you'll gradually get to understand the "rocket science" of wordings in IELTS reading. 

DRAWBACKS: It does not have reading passages for you to practice. Thus, it is best to use it as a reference book when doing the practice found in other books. A good choice for reinforcement and revision, after all. 


Thank you! 

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